Middlebury's Covered Bridges

With over one hundred covered bridges throughout the state, there is almost no corner of Vermont without one of these historical structures to explore and enjoy! But with two such bridges right here in Middlebury, you won't have to drive across the state to see one for yourself.

Located right in the village, just a few blocks from the Green on Seymour Street, the Pulp Mill Bridge was constructed in 1820 to cross the Otter Creek and facilitate traffic across the state, it holds the distinction of being the oldest covered bridge in Vermont, and one of the oldest in the country!

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The Halpin Covered Bridge was built in 1824 and renovated in the 1990s. Located at the northern edge of the town, it crosses a natural waterfall of the Muddy Branch of the New Haven River, and is the highest covered bridge in the state above a stream bed. It is now only used by the Halpin family farm.

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