Zoning And Subdivision Regulations

The Planning Commission completed a draft bylaw amendment that modified the Town's zoning map and the zoning and subdivision regulations. These reforms were adopted by the Selectboard in August, 2022. The primary purpose of these changes was to allow for a greater variety of housing types and mixed-uses in the Downtown area, with the objective of creating additional housing opportunities close to downtown and promoting downtown vitality.

The inspiration for these changes were the recommendations and future vision expressed during the 2019 public participation process for the 2020 Middlebury Downtown Master Plan. Many of these changes were required to qualify for a Neighborhood Development Area (NDA) designation. This State designation provides a variety of State-incentives targeted at encouraging the creation of new housing within a +0.5-mile radius of our downtown.

An updated interactive zoning map is available for the public's use.

Please contact Jennifer Murray, Director of Planning and Zoning, with any questions or comments you have at jmurray@townofmiddlebury.org or 802-388-8100, ext. 210.
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2022 Middlebury Zoning & Subdivision Regulations Update7 documents

  • 2022 Middlebury Zoning & Subdivision Regulations
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  • Appendix A - Fee Schedule
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  • Appendix B1 - Zoning Map - Downtown Area
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  • Appendix B2 - Zoning Map - Full Town
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  • Appendix C - Historic Landmarks
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  • Appendix D - State Historic Register
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  • Appendix E - Map of FEH Zone
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