Update as of 9/25/23

South Street Waterline Improvement Project

Casella Construction will be working past the normal 5:00pm work hour limits to finish the installation of a new water service for #22, extending across the roadway to east side. We do not anticipate work to extend beyond 7:00pm.

Update as of 8/11/23

Casella Construction is proposing to mobilize to South Street on Monday to begin the waterline replacement project. Their current plan is to begin at the southern limits of the project (Porter Field Rd)

There will be one-lane traffic during the work hours with flaggers controlling the road.  Please use caution. 

Updates as of 7/7/23

Paving- DPW has been working this week to bring the six sewer manholes up to finished grade on Middle Road S. D&F is planning to pave sometime next week (the road will remain closed until that is complete as the structures create a bit of an obstacle being 3½” above the gravel). There is a bit of grading work that will need to happen before the paver starts though. On a side note, I went out yesterday to check out the efforts…there is a layer of pavement about 18” below existing grade. Bob has never seen those structures because they’ve been buried for >20 years…which means the pavement is even older. I thought it was interesting. I’m sure Fred could give me all the details. The reclaim is not scheduled to begin until August 8th. I gave Landmark permission to close the contract between the upcoming Middle Road work and the future reclaim (contract is total 45 days) as it will get Middle Road S open more quickly. I’m assuming the shim & overlay roads will occur in the timeframe of the reclaim.

Halladay Road Pump Station- We are having an onsite preconstruction meeting this afternoon prior to mobilization on Monday. Champlain is planning to start bypass pumping on Wednesday, so bringing in a large tanker that will be onsite (within our limits of disturbance). Once bypassing, the first step will be some exploratory excavation to determine elevations.

South Street- Casella has provided an initial schedule which shows a start date of July 31. Our 3-9020 Construction General Permit is now in 2-week public comment which closes 7/19 so we should see the permit shortly after. Regarding the line that runs from Benedict Lane back to S Main St- the project is designed with 12” ductile iron- but that would cause a lot of environmental harm with tree removal, etc. We could change to using HDPE pipe that is fused together on the surface, a narrow trench dug, and then the pipe lowered into the trench. With that technique, the footprint of impact would be greatly reduced. We are still waiting for a quote for that discussion. All of the DI pipe has either been delivered to the site or is in possession at EJP.

Mary Hogan Stormwater Permit- DPW/ Wastewater has been really helpful in assisting with opening structures for the engineers to get elevations. We have an excavation planned for July 20th in two parking lot locations to determine if the subsoil will infiltrate- as an initial step required by the state.

Chipman Hill Water Tank- We should discuss what approach we want to take on this project. I don’t believe we will qualify for funding (based on the draft IUD) for DWSRF. If we wait a year, the Asset Management Plan will boost our points to a fundable level with the program. We also didn’t receive NBRC or Congressional Directed Spending, so few options other than the bond vote and LOT funding if we put it out to bid for construction next spring. I will put it on the IC agenda for August, but I think we should discuss as well.

Solar- Waiting on the proposal for $3500 from LN Consulting to draft and review the RFP. Hoping to have this on the July 25 SB Agenda.