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Complaints regarding aeronautical activity  

Selectboard Letter on Airport Master Plan (01.17.23) 

Airport Master Plan Draft Report (December 2022)

The video recording and presentation slides from the second public meeting have been posted on the VTrans webpage at Middlebury (6B0) | Agency of Transportation (vermont.gov).

Additionally, VTrans has prepared the following responses to the resident’s questions.

What happens next?
The Agency of Transportation (AOT) is receiving comments on the final draft master plan report until January 27, 2023. The public may submit comments to AOT via AOT.RailAviationProjectDeliveryFolders@vermont.gov. Final documents will be revised by AOT by the end of the Winter and include the public’s comments. The FAA will then provide its concurrence on the report and approval of the Airport Layout Plan.

Who/what is authorized to “approve” or “accept” (a) the final draft and (b) whatever Master Plan emerges?
The Vermont Secretary of Transportation will approve the final version of the Master Plan.

What role does Town government play in that process?
The Town Selectboard designated a representative to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), which met three times during the plan’s development. The TAC provided feedback to AOT during the airport master planning process. Also, the Town accommodated two Public Informational Meetings at the Town Office for community and stakeholder engagement.

Cisco Herrera, Middlebury Airport Manager
(office) 802-388-1800
(cell) 802-505-8479
(ttd) 800-253-0191
(email) cisco.herrera@vermont.gov
467 Airport Rd.; Middlebury, VT 05753
VTRANS Rail/ Aviation Bureau

Please document in writing all pertinent observations, if possible, date and time is key, as the first communication step in the process. This can be done on line:

Contact Chris Beitzel:
(office) 802-272-7725
(email) Christopher.Beitzel@vermont.gov