Emergency Management Bulletin


Emergency Management Bulletin

July 10, 2023  Noon

The current storm and weather conditions are adversely affecting areas in Vermont to the east of the spine of the Green Mountains and areas in the southern counties as well as Franklin County. While Middlebury has so far been spared the worst of the storm, run off from elevations in South Lincoln and Ripton will continue to swell local streams, the Middlebury River and Otter Creek. The drainage area for Otter Creek south of Middlebury will also continue to raise the level of the creek for several days once the storm subsides.

The NOAA weather forecast indicates continued steady rain, heavy at times, through noon on Tuesday, with periods of rain and showers throughout the remainder of the week. An additional 1-2 inches today and tomorrow.

Currently, roads typically awash in highwater remain closed, Creek Road, Three Mile Bridge Rd, Shard Villa and Blake Roy Roads.

There have been no evacuations in Middlebury and no indications at this time of any pending evacuations.  The Town will not open a shelter until there is a need to do so or there is a request from other area towns to assist with displaced persons. There are no such requests at this time.

The hazards of continued rainfall go beyond swollen streams. Soaked grounds may result in trees and power poles falling in the face of high winds. Visibility is diminished on the roadways so we ask extra care and vigilance be exercised while driving. Please call the police at 802-388-3191 or dial 9-1-1 in the event of downed wires or trees that block roads. For East Middlebury residents, please call the police immediately if it appears the Middlebury River is close to cresting the embankment. The Police will also be monitoring the river status throughout the night.