Highway / Equipment Division

Matt Cram
Highway Division Chief    

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Highway & Equipment Division (H&E) The H&E Division maintains 87 miles of paved and unpaved roads within the Town and numerous pieces of equipment. The division grades roads, cleans ditches and culverts, fills potholes, does road line-striping, plows snow off roads and sidewalks, maintains trees, and replaces street signs. 

Street light out? If it is on a wooden pole it’s maintained by Green Mountain Power (GMP).  Record the pole number (identifiable as a 2-inch high alphanumeric sequence) and call GMP at 800-649-2877.

Trees that are within the Town's Right-Of- Way (ROW) are maintained by the Highway Division. If you see a tree that needs attention (e.g. after a storm), call 388-4045, or after hours, 388-3191.  However, we do not maintain trees that are on private property. 

Culvert or storm basin blocked? Storm debris or freezing temperatures can block these structures.  Call 388-4045 for assistance, or after hours, 388-3191

Mailbox damaged? The Division only replaces mailboxes that have been directly hit by the snowplow.  Most often, the snow coming off the plow knocks the box off the post and this would be the resident’s responsibility to replace. If you have a damaged mailbox, please call 388-4045 during regular business hours and we will investigate.

Yard and garden waste is not picked up by the Town. The Addison County Solid Waste Management District is the place for this material. Their phone number is 802-388-2333.