Annual Budgeting Process

The Town of Middlebury operates on a July 1 - June 30 fiscal year.  Each fall, the Town Manager prepares a draft General Fund budget for the coming fiscal year for the Selectboard's consideration. The Town Manager also prepares a rolling 5-year Capital Improvement Budget in consultation with the Town's Infrastructure Committee, which formally recommends the Capital Budget to the Selectboard for adoption.

In accordance with 24 § 127-1302(d)(e), the Selectboard must conduct a public hearing to consider the annual budget no later than 40 days prior to Town Meeting, and it must make the budget in its final form available for public inspection at least 10 days prior to Town Meeting.

While the specific dates for these events will vary from year to year, based on the Selectboard's meeting calendar, a typical schedule for creating, reviewing and approving the annual budget looks like this:

October - November: 
  • Town Department Heads submit General Fund and Capital Improvement budget requests to Town Manager for upcoming fiscal year.
  • Department Heads present first draft capital requests to Infrastructure Committee.
  • Infrastructure Committee develops and finalizes recommendation for Selectboard on Capital Budget.
November - December:
  • Selectboard conducts detailed reviews of individual Departmental General Fund budget requests (warned Board meeting agenda items)
  • Selectboard finalizes budget and warns date for Public Hearing to take testimony from interested parties
  • Selectboard conducts Public Hearing on upcoming fiscal year budget (1st meeting in January)
  • Selectboard finalizes budget and signs budget warrant for Town Meeting (second meeting in january)
  • Town Manager publishes Town Meeting warning and Estimated Tax Rate for Town and Schools for coming fiscal year, as required by Charter.
  • Town Meeting Day (first Monday) and Australian ballot voting (first Tuesday). 
While Town Meeting is often the first time that many voters will look at the proposed budget for the coming fiscal year, keep in mind that all Middlebury residents are welcome, and encouraged, to listen to and comment upon the Selectboard's discussions regarding the draft budget beginning as early as November.  Offering your thoughts and concerns about the upcoming fiscal year budget early on the in the budget cycle is a great way to make your voice heard and creates a more engaged and inclusive process for the entire community.